Sunday, September 20, 2009

CVS ..14 cents

My total out of pocket was .14 cents for the above

Here is the breakdown:

Dry Idea $2.99..-$2.00 coupon..get back $2.00 extra bucks
Crest $2.99....-$1.00 coupon...get back $2.00 extra bucks
Aquafresh $3.99....-$1.00 coupon...get back $1.00 extra bucks
Candy bars 2/$1.00...-$1.00/2 coupon x 5.....10 bars free ( I ate one before the picture was taken)
Bayer quick release $1.50 clearance....-$1.50

Also used $6.00 in extra bucks....for a total of .14 cents back $5.00 in extra bucks

Monday, September 14, 2009

Love free coupons

Used free coupons for all of the above items..
7 Glade Soy candles
2 Powerades

paid only free coupons!