Monday, June 15, 2009

CVS Shopping

Did some shopping at CVS yesterday...have to take the Aveeno stuff back that I bought as they would not take my $10.00/3 coupon and that order came out to $11 instead of the $1.00 that I figured. Don't need the shampoo & conditioner that bad for $

So here is my breakdown:
Purex 3 in 1...$6.99.. -$2.00 coupon..get back $2.00 extra buck (there is also a refund for this so I will get back $6.99 for that)
Planter peanuts..$3.99 x 2..B1G1Free...- $2.00 coupons..-$3.99 one free
Dry Idea $5.29 x4..B1G1Free....- $8.00 in coupons... - $5.29 x 2
Schick razor..$7.99.. -$4.00 coupon...get back $3.00 in extra bucks

Total before :$44.12
Total after: $9.55
Got $5.00 in extra bucks plus full refund for Purex for $6.99

Friday, June 5, 2009


Had extra bucks that were going to expire, so went to CVS to use them up.
This is what I got:

1 Softsoap refill 3.99 minus $1.00 coupon
1 Softsoap refill..$3.99..minus $1.50 coupon
4 Campbells soup 2/$1.00...minus 2..$1.00/2
Also used $4.00 in Extra bucks...

Total after coupons $ I got $4.00 extra bucks back