Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Candle deal

Yankee Candle had a 70 percent off sale the other week and I took advantage of it even though they didn't have much left. I got a 22oz. full size jar candle, a gift set containing a 3.7 oz jar candle and 4 votives, 2 packages of a votive holder and 4 votives and 3 car jar air fresheners. I got all that for $22 and some change and that is with shipping included. I love Yankee Candles, they are my favorite brand of candles. I always have candles burning when we are home so we go though lots of them. I have a stocked cabinet now, as my Mom had just given me some and I bought some from a deal Kohl's was having online also.


Ruth said...

wow what a great deal -- we have to wait for QVC for our best deals in the UK :-(

Debbi said...

Thank you , I love yankee candles, they are the best. I am happy whenever I find good deals on them.