Tuesday, April 1, 2008

CVS Deal

Went to CVS yesterday to pick up some sale items. First off, I was disappointed because they did not have the Softsoap Spa bodywash that was on sale. I also messed up on 2 of the Colgates,
they were not ones that were on sale and I did not notice this until I got home.
But overall I'm still happy with what I got and the amount I paid.
I got 6 Colgates, 2 Johnson Buddies soap and a box of Easter Peeps (they are gone already..lol)
for a grand total of $5.78.
If I would have gotten the right toothpaste I would have only paid $1 something, but we learn form our mistakes right? They had the toothpaste right above the B1G1 sign so it's there fault also.
I saved $17.78 on all this.


Candace said...

You could always return the toothpaste!

S.B. said...

Have you tried the buddy bars yet? They have a really good smell to them!

Debbi said...

I thought about returning the toothpaste but decided not too.

No, I haven't tried the soap yet.

ohhollyf said...

I love the name of your blog and have added it to my favorites. I've adopted two boys and have bref
refered to it on my blog, you may enjoy it, leave me comment if you do, ohhollyf