Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Total $11.14

Went to Weis today to stock up on shampoo and soap again while it was on sale and did a quick trip around the store and this is what I got for a total of $11.14 after coupons.
Before coupons my total woudl have been $42.53, a savings of $31.39.
Here is what I got:
8 bottles of Suave shampoo (.39 each)
8 bottles of Suave conditioner (.39 each)
8 bottles of Soft soap (.30 each)
8 boxes of Puffs tissues (.50 each)
8 bottles of Lipton Iced tea (Free)
1 large bottle of Dawn ($1.00)
1 Crest (Free)
1 Party Mix cat treats (Free..for my sister's cat)

Add the shampoo, conditioner and soft soap to the 20 bottles I already had I should be set for awhile.


From Bottle to Box said...

I have been couponing for only 6 weeks, and I am so crazed that I can't buy anything without a coupon. I've been averaging 40% savings on every purchase. I love it!

Debbi said...

That's great. I love the savings from using coupons. My coupons always go the store with me, I never leave home without them. Never know when you will find a good deal.