Monday, October 27, 2008

K-Mart Double Coupons

My local K-Mart is having Double coupons this week up to $2.00, which means $2.00 becomes $4.00 off. Took a trip yesterday afternoon to see what I could pick up cheap or even better free!!
All of the above before coupons was $92.71 and after coupons I paid $26.71. I thought I did better then that but hey that's a savings of $66.00. Will be going today again before work to pick up some more stuff if there is anything left as it was packed there yesterday.

The highlights: x3
Kotex.. $1.49
Tylenol ....49 cents each x4
Advil I picked up the wrong size so that was $1.99
Beggin Strips....50 cents each x4
Glade Carpet....19 cents each x4
Scope...$1.50 each x2
Scrubbing Bubbles wipes...50 cents
Lipton sides...66 cents each x3
Baby wipes..99 cents


Ed said...

I wasn't aware K-Mart participated in such promotions. I canceled our paper subscription because we were just barely breaking even on the cost, but if I could hoard them until K-Mart has another promotion I could really clean up.

I'll have to look into this!