Friday, January 9, 2009


I blogged about this website before and since it is such a good place for the military and the law enforcement to get some clothing I thought I would tell you about it again. It is 5.11 Tactical.

They have 20 years experience making clothing and sell just about any type of clothing that law enforcement can need. They have pants, shirts, uniforms, jackets, vests, boots, and accessories and even carry a line for women. The clothing looks really comfortable and I'm sure anyone can wear it not just law enforcement. Take a look around the website and see for yourself. 5.11 Tactical.

Right now they also have a few specials going on. Free TDU pants with purchase of any boots and also a free hat with $50.00 purchase. They also have catalogs that you can order so if you don't have much time on the web or you want to share this great company with fellow workers, you can give them a catalog to order from.

Check them out and shop around, I'm sure you will find something you need.

Thanks to my sponsor: 5.11 Tactical