Sunday, April 5, 2009

Awesome trip to CVS

Did 2 orders at CVS this morning and got some awesome deals. My first order included:
Huggies diapers $10.00
Huggies diapers $10.00
Huggies wipes $5.00
Total before coupons $25.00

Used the following coupons:
.75 cents wipes
$3.00 diapers
$5.00 diapers
$4/$20.00 cvs coupon
$2.00 extra bucks
$10.00 extra bucks I got for taking a survey online

Total after coupons .25 cents!!! Plus I got back $10.00 extra bucks plus .50 cents for quartly savings.

2nd order ....
3 Coke $11.00
4 Schick Intuition Razors $9.99 ..on sale B1G1
1 Magic Clean Magic Eraser $2.50
1 Exta Gum ( had to throw in at the end as I was in the negative, since they were out of Mentos gum)
Total before coupons $54.75

Used the following coupons:
.50 cents Magic Eraser
$1.00 Coke
$1.00 Coke
$1.00 Coke
$4.00 Razor
$4.00 Razor
$4.00 Razor
$4.00 Razor
$5/25 Cvs coupon
$10.00 extra bucks
plus 2 razors were 9.99 x 2

Total after coupons & discounts .27 cents !!! Plus I got $3.00 extra bucks from Coke deal

My total for the day before coupons $79.75
Total after coupons... .52 cents
Savings of ....$79.23


Workin' MAMA! said...

Where can I find Coke Coupons? There are so many deals where I live on 24 pks for 4.99 and it would be awesome to have a 1.00 off coupon for the taking!
Love your blog - I just think you are smart -
I've gotten so much wiser over the last 4 years since my husband lost his job -
My shopping smarts have saved us ions of dollars -
I found another blog to inspire me! YAY!

working mama in the northwest!

Debbi said...

I got the coke coupons from saving the coke codes on the bottle caps and also from the inside the 12 & 24 packs...go to

Frugal Finds said...

You got awesome deals!!!

Debbi said...

Thank you