Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long time...CVS trip

Wow it's been along time since I posted any shopping trips on here. I lost my Father unexpectly in November and I just have not had the desire to shop or really do anything since then, just trying to get on with life and deal with the grief.

But I went this past Sunday to pick up a few things and the above picture shows what I got:
2 Wisk...B1G1
1 Aussie shampoo...get $2.00 EB
1 Gillette razors...get $2.00 EB

Paid $2.09 and got back $4.00 in EB


Anonymous said...

Great tips you have here. I'll bet it takes a while to collect all these coupons and find all the store sales to coordinate! Sorry to hear about your father, I lost my mom in December and am still so sad. Will visit again.......I just checked out your primitive blog too!