Monday, April 19, 2010

Another profitable shopping trip

Another profitable shopping trip at CVS yesterday

Colgate Pro Clinical $3.99
Crest Pro Health $1.88
Therma-care $2.49
Advil $3.99
Nature's Bounty vitamins B1G1 $4.99
Reese's 8 pack .88 cents
Green tag .99 cents

Total before coupons & extra bucks $25.08
Total after .51 cents

Got back extra bucks:
.99 tag
$1.00 ...advil

Plus there is a rebate for the Colgate ProClinical here
So a profit of $3.48 when I get the rebate these kinds of trips


Groovy Baby Blog said...

Love your blog, Now I'm following !

Debbi said...

Thank you