Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Extra bucks expiring

I had some extra bucks that were expiring this week so I did a quick trip to CVS to use them up. Not one of my best trips but it's better then letting them go to waste.

I got:
2 Herbal Essences $5.97 ..get $2.00 extra bucks
1 double pack of Colgate $6.49..get $3.00 extra bucks
1 Skintimate $1.99

Coupons used:
$1.00 colgate
$1.00 Herbal Essences
$1.00 Skintimate
.74 extra bucks
$1.99 extra bucks
$4.00 extra bucks

Total before $14.45
Total after $ 4.89
Got back $6.00 in extra bucks..$1.00 from green tag
Also got $5.00 extra bucks from beauty club

So this was certainly a money marker trip!