Thursday, May 29, 2008

CVS Trip

Went to CVS yesterday to pick up the Excedrin that was on sale for $1.99

Picked up 2 boxes, used $2.00 coupons on them so had .2 overage
also picked up a bottle of Fuze, was on sale for .99, had a .50 my total for all 3 items was .47 cents, used a gift card so out of pocket...nothing :)


Jerry said...

Yeah! A fruitful trip like that with "zero-out-of-pocket" leads to great rejoicing at my house. It just goes to offer some insurance that looking for bargains can pay great dividends! (Even more dividends if you don't drive to the store, since gas costs are becoming more and more of a cost consideration...)

Debbi said...

I wish I could walk to the store, but it's too far away.