Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pepsi Points & freebies

Got this t-shirt and digital keychain free from Pepsi Points. I have family members that save the points for me and they really add up fast.

Some Freebies for you:


Bath & Body Works Free Lip Favorite with purchase

Walmart samples

Hartz Ultraguard Topical Drops

Bath& Body Works free hand lotion with purchase


Jerry said...

I'm on a backlash against soda right now (well, probably forever) but I have to say that I dig the old-school-looking Pepsi shirt! Those early designs are really cool... I wonder if Dr. Pepper is selling a similar shirt? I wouldn't cash in the retirement annuity for one, but I might wear one if it was free...

Debbi said...

The t-shirts are great and even better because they are free with the points. They are comfortable too.