Sunday, June 29, 2008

Trip to Wal-Mart

Did my weekly trip to Wal-mart to pick up some free & cheap stuff.
Here is what I got:
4 - Blue Bunny Bomb pops (.50 each)
2- Suave body wash (.44 each)
1 -Colgate (.88)
1- V8 Fusion (.98)
4- Snuggle dryer sheets (.87 each)
3-Huggies clean team baby wipes (.64 each)
1- Bic Soleil razors - 4 pack ($1.24)
1-Dove deodorant (.72)
2- Johnson Buddy soap ( free plus .12 overage)
6-Post It's packs (free plus .09 overage)
2-Planters peanuts (free plus .64 overage)
Total after coupons was $11.16. Before coupons it was $47.04, total savings $35.88.


Anonymous said...

Great shopping trip! What is the reg price & coupon value on the snuggle dryer sheets & what size is it? Dryer sheets are one of the things I need to stock up on! LOL! Thanks for sharing your deal. I found you through the Frugal Hacks blog.

Have a great day! :)


Debbi said...

The regular price for the sheets is $1.87, minus $1.00 price .87

The box has 40 sheets in it.

Glad you found my blog.