Thursday, July 3, 2008

CVS & Free stuff

Made a quick trip to CVS yesterday as I had some EB's that were going to expire so I picked up the above for a total of 93 cents, which I used a gift card to pay for so out of pocket,,, zero
The pledge was on clearance for $2.24, used $1.00 coupon
The Theraflu was on clearance for $1.65 each
The cleansing clothes were free with $2.00 cvs coupon
The Advil and baby lotion were free with coupons and the candy was so I wouldn't be in the negative
2 more Pepsi shirts from Pepsi points and some Dove sample that came in the mail


ohhollyf said...

I haven't be to CVS, since no more 4/20 cqns. It just doen't feel right to be deprived like this, lol ;)

Debbi said...

lol, I only go when there is really good deals.