Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Free Baby Stuff

All of this baby stuff was free, either with coupons or over the internet.
The Playtex bottles were a freebie that I signed up for (my sister gave me the one she got)
The 3 pack of bottles was free from with a $10 code (now over)
The Dapple dish soap was a freebie that I signed up for
The cabinet locks came in the mail with a fanny pack that I received.
The lotion was free with a coupon and well as all the Johnson buddies soap


From Bottle to Box said...

I really enjoying your site. I'm a new coupon saving chick. I'd have to say I'm completely OCD. Thank you for all of your tips! I hope you don't mind, but I have you as link on my site.

Debbi said...

Thank you, at least I know someone out there is reading it, lol.
I don't mind at all that you linked my blog on your site. I have saved yours and will check it out when I have more time.