Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Looking for a deal on eyeglasses??

If you are on a budget but need new eyeglasses you are in luck. I have found the perfect website for you to check out...ZenniOptical. I've heard nothing but good feedback on this website.
The prices for inexpensive eyeglasses at Zenni Optical start at $8.00 per pair!
All orders are only $4.95 to ship, no matter how many pair of eyeglasses you buy. So now you can get every ones glasses at once at a reasonable price.

Even if you wear bifocal or progressive lenses, Zenni Optical has inexpensive eyeglasses for you. Bifocal eyeglasses start at $25.00 per pair. Progressive eyeglasses start at $37.00 per pair.

Yes, Zenni Optical even offers the special add ons that you can get from your local optical. Photochromic lenses (the lenses that turn darker in the sunlight) are only $39.00 more. Anti reflective coating for the lenses is a mere $4.95, too.

The frame styles are numerous at Zenni Optical. Most frames come in at least two or three colors. There are minimal frames, fashion frames, delicate frames and funky frames. You can find inexpensive eyeglasses frames to fit your every mood. Plus find frames for every one in your family at the same place.

Check out this article in the Chicago Tribune for more info on this great website,0,2050256.story

Thanks to my sponsor: Zenni Optical


Jerry said...

This is a great deal, definitely, and even cheaper than many insurance co-pays for optical. If you can get good prescription eyewear for these prices, will it lead to a price war? That would be great...